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 What To Expect During Your FirstVisit

Your first appointment will be with Dr. Goderez, who will take a full medical history.  He will discuss your diagnosis, whether HBOT is appropriate for your case, ​what benefits might result, and what side effects may occur.  He may order additional blood work, and suggest appropriate nutritional supplements.  In the case of Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Goderez may suggest a SPECT scan, which can show abnormalities in blood perfusion of the brain.
If it is decided that HBOT is appropriate, Dr. Goderez will prescribe it, and review the recommended treatment protocol.  He will then go over costs and treatment options, including reviewing the advantages of in-office treatment vs. treatment at home.
You will be offered the opportunity to do one or more trial treatments to determine if you have any physical obstacles to treatment such as congested ears, or any psychological obstacles such as claustrophobia.  If all goes well, you will then be scheduled for the recommended course of treatment either in the office, or arrangements will be made to provide a rental chamber at home. 
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